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Brett Dvoretz

July 6, 2015


Transferring Money for Holidays and International Travel

Are you planning your next global adventure? Traveling internationally involves a game plan far more detailed than a weekend camping trip. Some overseas travel companies give you the option to purchase through them directly. If so, using one of our preferred money transfer providers like World First or US Forex can assist in making your travel payment quickly and easily. You’ll spend less on fees and exchange rates so you’ll have more money for fun adventures and tasty meals during your travels.



As one of the fastest growing segments in the travel industry, cruises continue to be a popular option for traveling to sought-after destinations around the world, without sacrificing comfort. It’s a convenient and easy way to travel for the very young to the young at heart, all at an unbeatable value.

Cruise specialists may be a helpful option for those feeling overwhelmed by all of the vacation destinations and choices out there. They have already done the heavy lifting and researched number of locations through trips and cruise-line seminars. Better yet, agents often have access to special discounts and perks or at least know best where to find them. Travel agencies can be located anywhere in the world and, if booking through a company located in another country, you may have to transfer money to pay them in a foreign currency. With a guarantee of competitive exchange rates and low transfer fees, a foreign money transfer service is a great option to consider.


Vacation Rentals

Privately owned vacation rentals and other alternative lodgings pique the interest of travelers looking for a home away from home. Do your research through reputable sites like VRBO and HomeAway. They offer basic security features such as background and address checks, plus they certify hosts with a proven positive track record.

When it comes to these non-traditional accommodations, how you pay is just as important as how much. The choice between paying cash and using a secure online payment system could be the difference between a successful transaction and a vanishing expenditure. It can also be the difference between paying $1,400 for a week’s stay or $1,500 for the same week. Using private money transfer companies are a simple and reliable option for sending funds abroad and getting the best deal on your next vacation rental.


Private Jets

While chartering a private jet might not be the go to choice for many when planning a luxurious vacation, they are becoming increasingly more affordable; especially in cheaper destinations and developing countries. Chartering a private jet or small airplane gives you more freedom in choices of destinations and allows you to visit locales that don’t have commercial flights. As an added bonus, the security and customs process is usually quicker and easier significantly cutting down on travel time.

If you don’t know where to begin, a jet charter broker, acting much like a travel agent, can assist in matching your travel needs to your budget. Whether you’re traveling internationally for business or leisure, brokers can take care of every detail of your private charter experience. Making payments through an online payment system is an option that can provide peace of mind. You’ll get low fees, good exchange rates, and peace of mind knowing the transfer has been handled securely. Most of our preferred providers even offer the ability to track your international transfer on your mobile device so you always know where your money is.


Daily Spending Cash

After you have booked your lodgings and airline ticket, you are still going to need daily spending money while you are enjoying your luxurious vacation in an exotic destination. Travelers checks are an outdated method of bringing travel money and using your home ATM in a foreign country can get expensive quickly. Sure you could just withdraw a bunch of cash before you leave and exchange it at your home bank. Unfortunately, you’ll be getting a poor exchange rate and, even worse, you’ll feel vulnerable carrying thousands of dollars around with you while traveling in an unfamiliar country.

A better option is to set up an account with a foreign exchange firm and connecting it to your home bank account. This way you can log on to a computer no matter where you are and initiate an international money transfer in seconds and have your money available later that day. You’ll pay less than using your ATM card, get a better exchange rate than if you went to your local bank or a tourist money exchange office, and the peace of mind knowing that you’ll never have to carry large sums of money around making you vulnerable to theft.

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