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Brett Dvoretz

July 6, 2015


Transferring Money for Destinations Weddings

Destination weddings are on the rise as most people no longer live where they grew up. It’s a trend that somewhat combines a traditional wedding with an elopement, making the occasion even more special and cutting back on all the fuss. Weddings mean money though. Fortunately, overseas payments are made simple and efficient with international money transfer firms like US Forex. Before running out and planning your destination wedding, consider these factors:


The Destination

A major draw to destination weddings is that couples can choose to tie the knot in places where a warm, sunny climate is the norm. You outdoor wedding won’t be limited to the months when it’s not freezing cold or rainy, giving your more date options for the special day. It also provides a fun opportunity to reunite family and friends in an amazing setting.

Most destination weddings take place at resorts that specialize in these types of events and often offer all-inclusive packages to make the wedding even more affordable. If you’re taking care of booking the travel and accommodation reservations for everybody, you can often get a group discount, so be sure to ask. Things to consider though are peak travel dates and length of time.



Once the venue is set, you’ll have to start planning a menu for the event. This can get a little tricky as you may not be able to sample any of the potential caterers because of the distance between your home and the wedding destination. If the event location doesn’t offer their own catering, ask them for recommendations. It’s smart to try and mix up local foods with some things that you and your guests will be more familiar with. This way there will be something for everyone and a lot of new flavors to try too.


Wedding Coordinator

Planning a wedding from afar can be a daunting task. Luckily, many resorts offer the complimentary services of their on-site wedding consultant who will help you coordinate all of the ceremony essentials. This is extremely convenient as it allows you to deal with one person for all monetary transactions and lets you transfer the whole sum at once so you aren’t hit with multiple international transfer fees. If you opt to get married in a non-resort location, consider hiring a coordinator who will know how to obtain a marriage license in that particular country to avoid any complications.

In addition to handling all of the ceremonial essentials, a great wedding coordinator will help you handle the catering, decorations and entertainment. It will take a huge burden off your shoulders if, by chance there are any problems, you only have to worry about dealing with one person.

Finding the right way to transfer money internationally for your destination wedding can equate to huge savings, so make sure to check our Comparison Tool to find the right servicer for your particular destination.



Honeymoons can be another added expense for a bride and groom and sometimes budget makes the choices very limited. With a destination wedding, you’re already in a picturesque setting and can just extend your stay to relax after the nuptials. Plus, you have a great excuse to return there for your 5, 10, or 25-year anniversary.

If a destination wedding meets all of the items on your checklist, rest assured that there is an economical, dependable and convenient way to transfer money for all of your wedding expenses. Accounts with our preferred providers are easy to set up and stress-free, so take a leap and start planning your paradise wedding today!

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