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Brett Dvoretz

June 5, 2015


Small Business International Money Transfers

Small businesses are especially susceptible to cash flow problems. Sometimes, the delay of just a couple of days can hinder daily business operations. Expanding to work with overseas partners and consumers is hard enough without the money transfer process throwing a curve ball into the mix. The natural fluctuation of currency values against each other adds an element of uncertainty that affects vital cash flow.

There are a number of decisions that must be made when working overseas that can have a big effect on the bottom line. It’s not only about the value of a currency now; one must anticipate what supplies will cost three months after the order is placed based on the expected future exchange rate. If the value of the payment currency rises and a small business hasn’t properly planned for it, they may be left with a bill they don’t have the cash flow to pay. Similar considerations must be made for incoming payments to ensure your business is getting the domestic value it needs for products sold overseas.

While international business operations may have been the territory of large corporations in the past, the internet has made it a core activity in even small mom and pop organizations. The rapid pace of globalization has changed the way business is done and even the tiniest edge can help you outshine your competitors

Let a dedicated and knowledgeable currency specialist help guide you through the mine field that is international business by finding just the right solutions for your small business.

Use an international money transfer firm to:

  1. Manage risk with the proper use of forward currency contracts and currency options to stabilize cash flow.
  2. Initiate international payments with a streamlined process that is less time consuming and less costly.
  3. Receive international payments in a foreign currency and automatically exchange them into a domestic currency before depositing them into your account of choice.


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