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Brett Dvoretz

June 5, 2015


Importer and Exporter International Money Transfers

Any importer or exporter knows the value of getting cheap international money transfers. When regularly doing business with companies based overseas, the logistics of payment can be time consuming and costly. Just the difference of one or two percent can mean thousands of dollars saved in a large international money transfer. Getting the best rate is vital to maximizing profits. Our recommended money transfer firms understand this. They will work with you to find the transfer method that offers the best exchange rates with the lowest fees.

With the right money transfer firm, you can streamline the payment process, improve cash flow, and lower the risk of currency fluctuations. Talk with a currency specialist at one our editor’s choice global remittance firms to learn about the different methods available to hedge against any sudden drops in currency value.


What the Right Money Transfer Firm Can Do For Your

Simplify Outgoing Payments – Money transfer firms offer a number of ways to improve the efficiency of your outgoing payment process. They can help you integrate your international payments into existing accounting methods to improve and streamline record keeping. Another technique is to schedule regular overseas payments to suppliers so there is never a chance of sending a late payment.


Make It Easy to Get Paid – Don’t give your customers one more reason not to pay you on time. Make it easy for them. Work with a money transfer firm to set up a foreign currency draft service that can receive foreign funds and convert them into your domestic currency. You can also process electronic fund transfers through an FX firm at a fraction of the price you would pay to a bank. Speeding up payment processing time lets you improve cash flow by freeing up capital when you need it.


Manage Risk – From currency forward contracts to currency options and well-planned market timing, there are a number of methods to reduce the risk of losing money during the transfer process. Mitigate your exposure and hedge against any loss by working with an informed currency specialist who is knowledgeable about current market trends.


Improve Money Management – Keep track of all your ingoing and outgoing payments in one place, no matter the currency type. Paying bills in Yuan and receiving payments in Euro? No problem, our editor’s choice money transfer firms provide easy-to-understand records so you can see all of your transfers at once.


Get the Money Transfer Solution That’s Right for You

Every company has slightly different needs from their money transfer provider. Here are just a few of the custom solutions that the right FX firm can set up for you.

  • Receive and convert payments from multiple currencies
  • Simplify numerous recurring purchase payments
  • Pay suppliers in their currency of choice
  • Speed up the money transfer process
  • Prepare for an expected drop in currency value
  • Streamline international staff payroll


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