Fees Matter…But Exchange Rates Matter More

Send Money Cheaper’s #1 piece of advice. Listen up!!

When it comes to transferring money overseas…the fees that the Money Transfer Organization/Bank/Foreign Exchange Broker charge is important…but not nearly as important as the EXCHANGE RATE you receive. This is a “hidden” fee that a vast majority of consumers do not even consider when choosing the company to use. This is the #1 reason we launched Send Money Cheaper…to show the TOTAL cost of using each service so you can make the best choice. We also give you important information like the speed of transfer.

Here’s one example of how much exchange rates matter:

Jeff wants to send money to his $5,000 to his friend in Germany. He isn’t in a hurry…but he would like for his friend to receive the money in 2-3 days.

He calls up his bank and asks how much this would cost and what his friend would receive. He is told that he will be charged a $30 fee and his friend would receive 3,450 Euro.

He goes online and checks out Western Union. He sees that he will be charged a $30 fee and his friend will receive 3,420 Euros.

Then, he uses SendMoneyCheaper.com to compare fees and exchange rates from all of the leading money transfer organizations. He finds out that he can use TorFX to send money in 1-2 days and there will be NO FEE and the exchange rate that he receives if MUCH better than both his bank and Western Union. His friend will receive 3,640 Euros. That’s over 200 Euros more than his friend would have received if he used Western Union! All he had to do was spend a few minutes on SendMoneyCheaper.com and he saved a ton of money!

To apply for a quote from TorFX visit this page: http://www.torfx.com/affiliate/get-a-quote.htm?adloc=SendMoneyCheaper

TorFX offers the best rates on larger transfer in the world. Check them out!

– Send Money Cheaper Team

Welcome to Send Money Cheaper!

Our first blog post ever!! Exciting, right?

We started this website for one simple reason…to save people money! We realized that most people were only aware of 2 options when it came to transferring money overseas: 1.) Western Union 2.) Wire money using your bank. When we told friends that there were MANY other options out there…they were surprised. They had never heard of these companies…and were shocked to see how many options their were.  We wanted to educate everyone on these options and give them an easy way to QUICKLY compare these options in ONE place!

After working tirelessly over the past year…we have launched our website! We hope you enjoy…and most importantly we hope you save money!

– Send Money Cheaper Team